Wednesday, March 08, 2006

NCAA Tournament: Poll Question

What seed will Davidson actually get in the NCAAs?

What seed do you think Davidson deserves?


Anonymous said...

I think we will get a 15, deserving a 14

Anonymous said...

i agree with the previous post... i'm very afraid that we're going to get stuck with a 15 but really should be a 14. it's frustrating, because if the cats had taken care of business in-conference they could easily be a 12 (the dream of any upset-minded mid-major). my opinion of this 2006 squad is that they're the most talented but also the most inconsistent of any davidson has put out there in the last ten years or so.
--peter wagner '92

Anonymous said...

I believe you could go back 20 years and not find a team as talented. Their chemistry brings back memories of the 85-86 team with Chris Hieneman, Gerry Born, Jeff Himes and Derek Rucker. That team wasn't as deep and talented as this year's team...but man did they play together well. They played Kentucky in the NCAAs and got beat by 30.

I think they will be getting a 14 seed based on the tough schedule played this year. Completely ageed that they could (and deserve) to be a 12.

Jay Schmitt
Class of '90

Anonymous said...

jay schmitt!! a blast from the bobby hussey era! i have a photo of you that has been on my desk every day of my working life since davidson... the commemorative ticket from the first game at belk arena in 1989, with a photo of you taking a hook shot against air force. MAN those shorts were short back then!
--peter wagner '92

Anonymous said...


I am flattered. I was lucky to be on those tickets.
The scary part about those shorts (and yes they are short) is that I still have a couple of pair in my memorabilia drawer. What do you think they would go for on ebay? About 2 cents, I think.


Anonymous said...

2 cents for the shorts... that's about one cent per square inch of fabric.

i also offered to wells that he could auction off the paul rybiski/george spain #32 practice jersey that i still have kicking around. the rybber. he's taken his tall, travelling road show to australia recently.


jim hyder said...

14th seed.