Thursday, June 29, 2006

Article about Mid-Majors

Mid-Majors: Don't Change The Name

There has been a lot of talk recently of doing away with the title of “mid-major.” These comments are spawning from the recent success of mid-major programs across America....

These mid-major programs are now kicking at the heels of the major programs for a few reasons.....

....mid-major teams don’t have players leaving early and, conversely, have more seniors and more unity than a major program that has a quicker rotation and influx of players. One such team in 2006 was the Davidson Wildcats who won the Southern Conference to get a bid in the Big Dance. Davidson had seven seniors on its roster and all seven were key contributors. I asked a member of that team, Brendan Winters, a 2005 Honorable Mention All-American, what he thought. Winters carries a similar belief, “Individually, the ‘major’ players will always be more talented, but as a team, I think the mid-majors will always have better chemistry in general because they are able to build up over four years.” Combine these two factors along with a great pool of players in America and abroad and the results are sure to follow.

Random 2 year old article about Brendan

Faithful son's burden: It's not always easy being a child of famous fathers
Found this through Google today. It's from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Winters comments on NBA workouts

Here's the content from the Charlotte Bobcats' website:


(On previous workouts) I worked out for Indiana last Thursday (June 15) and have one in Detroit on Tuesday (June 20). Hopefully I will have two or three more in the future.

(On working out for the Bobcats) It was really cool having your home team bring you in for a workout. They give you a chance to get a look and the possibility of playing for an NBA team.

(On draft expectations) I’m pretty realistic. I would like to take it one step at a time. If I don’t get drafted, I’ll try to make a summer league team and play my way up to be invited to a training camp and then go from there. If I make the training camp, and make the team, then I’ll play in the NBA. If not, I’ll go over to Europe and play.

(On nervousness of the workout) Honestly, I wasn’t as nervous today as my first one in Indiana. I had one under my belt today. It’s always a little nerve-racking to go out there and prove yourself pretty much in front of famous people, and coaches who are going to critque your game. It’s always a lot of fun though.

(On his father Brian Winters) My dad has been my number one mentor from day one. He is a guy that has always believed in me, and with his NBA experience, I know I can always rely on him for advice. He will always tell me what to expect, what to look for, and how to do things. He got a workout for me that I can do on my own that helps me get in shape, and simulates the drills that the majority of NBA teams do.

Brendan undrafted...not a surprise

I figured it was wishful thinking, and I was right. Brendan did not get drafted. In fact, in glancing at the list of draftees, I don't recall seeing anybody from the Southern Conference that was drafted. This is hardly unexpected.

Perhaps he will go to Europe, or maybe get some type of free-agent contract with an NBA team and play in the NBDL? Brandon Williams didn't get drafted after he graduated, but did eventually get some time in the NBA with free-agent contracts here and there (even got a championship ring with San Antonio, if I'm not mistaken.) Even if nothing pans out with pro ball, Brendan can certainly be proud of what he has accomplished. Also, being a Davidson grad, he shouldn't have any worries about "life after basketball" (whenever that may be).

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NBA Draft tonight

I didn't realize the NBA draft was tonight until I started posting all this stuff on Brendan. I don't get all excited about the draft in any sport. I will, however, be interested to see if Brendan gets drafted. That would obviously be very exciting for Brendan, his family, and all of us Davidsonians.

Good luck, Brendan! We'll all be rooting for you!

Yet another NBA workout for Winters

Pistons work out 16 draft prospects over four days

From The Detroit News

AUBURN HILLS -- For a team with one pick -- the 60th and last -- in Wednesday's NBA draft, the Pistons have had a busy week...

...Tuesday, the Pistons looked at Nick George, a 6-6 forward from Virginia Commonwealth; Jeff Horner, a 6-3 guard from Iowa; Brendan Winters, a 6-5 guard from Davidson and the son of former NBA coach Brian Winters; and Vincent Grier, a 6-5 guard from Minnesota.

More Brendan Winters NBA workout links

Bobcats official site "Draft Central" lists Brendan.

Charlotte Observer article.

Another blurb about Winters and the Bobcats

"Of the players I’ve researched for the 50th pick, I think that Curtis Withers and Brendan Winters are the best choices. And no, I’m not just saying that because they both played ball in the Charlotte area!"

This is from the same site as the prior post. Click here to read Bobcat Bonfire.

Article about Brendan's workout with the Bobcats

Click here for link to article.

Player workouts continued yesterday with Ronnie Brewer (Arkansas), Pops Mensah-Bonsu (George Washington), Brendan Winters (Davidson), Jasper Johnson (Delta State University), and Viktor Keirou (Russian Superleague).

Out of these players, I think Charlotte should really consider Brendan Winters from Davidson. I am not saying that just because Davidson is right down the street (literally) either. Winters, originally from Denver, CO, was named Southern Conference Player of the Year this year. He was third in the leage for pointer per game with 16.7 and second in three point percentage with 43.4 (13th nationally). He also scored double-digits in all but one game and averaged 5.1 rebounds. So I’ve picked a shooter.

However, Winters is not just a shooter. His defense has improved dramatically over the last four years, making him a very well-rounded player. He has great work ethic and passion, not to mention genetics. His father, Brian, was a two-time NBA All-Star. Once with the LA Lakers and once with the Milwaukee Bucks, and he coached at Golden State for a short period.

So Brendan has the ability, genes, work ethic, and passion. What is the downside? He’s 6′5″, 205 pounds, a lanky frame for the NBA. He definitely needs to pack on some muscle. But most college players heading to the NBA do, very few draftees are 100% ready to play come the first game. Even Michael Jordan had to work on areas of his game.

I just think Winters would be a good fit for the team, and Coach Bickerstaff stated that he played well and has great hands. I will be going to the Bobcats Draft Party next Wednesday where Bickerstaff, MJ, and the third round pick will all be calling in to talk to us. I promise to take good notes!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Winters to workout for Charlotte Bobcats

DAVIDSON, N.C. — Brendan Winters, a four-year starting guard/forward for the Davidson College men’s basketball team will workout for the Charlotte Bobcats of the National Basketball Association Sunday, June 18. The session for Winters will be his second with an NBA club as he displayed his skills for the Indiana Pacers earlier this week.

Click here for entire article from Davidson official website.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A little break from the Davidson thing

Here's a fun video highlight film of Magic Johnson's best moments. We can always pretend that he went to Davidson, I guess. (Note: I did not put these videos together. I did not pick the music. I just linked to them through

Here's another video of Michael Jordan highlights for your viewing pleasure. At least Davidson is in North can't we sort of claim Jordan?

When is that Brandon Williams highlight video coming out???

New Zealand is in the house

We had another visitor from overseas. This time it was from New Zealand. This reader found us through Yahoo, by searching "Davidson College Blog". I guess this visitor found what he/she was looking for. I would post about something more interesting for you all to read about, but the world of Davidson College basketball is a bit slow right now. Did I mention that I figured out how to post video on here?

Monday, June 05, 2006

I figured out how to post video

Jason Richards hits a 3 against Wofford on February 11, 2006.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

More Academic Awards for DC Hoops

Davidson Takes Home Two Academic Awards in the Southern Conference

"Davidson earned the league's Barrett-Bonner Award for the 2004-05 academic year by having the highest percentage of its student-athletes on the league's academic honor roll. Since the inception of the award in 1994, Davidson has been the recipient of the award 12 of the 13 years."

"Davidson also received the Graduation Rate Award for maintaining the highest graduation rate of its student-athletes. The award, presented to the member institution with the highest graduation rate for its student-athletes over the past five years as recorded in the annual NCAA Graduation Rates Report, is the fourth straight honor for the Wildcats and sixth overall since the award’s inception in 1994."