Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Article about Brendan's workout with the Bobcats

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Player workouts continued yesterday with Ronnie Brewer (Arkansas), Pops Mensah-Bonsu (George Washington), Brendan Winters (Davidson), Jasper Johnson (Delta State University), and Viktor Keirou (Russian Superleague).

Out of these players, I think Charlotte should really consider Brendan Winters from Davidson. I am not saying that just because Davidson is right down the street (literally) either. Winters, originally from Denver, CO, was named Southern Conference Player of the Year this year. He was third in the leage for pointer per game with 16.7 and second in three point percentage with 43.4 (13th nationally). He also scored double-digits in all but one game and averaged 5.1 rebounds. So I’ve picked a shooter.

However, Winters is not just a shooter. His defense has improved dramatically over the last four years, making him a very well-rounded player. He has great work ethic and passion, not to mention genetics. His father, Brian, was a two-time NBA All-Star. Once with the LA Lakers and once with the Milwaukee Bucks, and he coached at Golden State for a short period.

So Brendan has the ability, genes, work ethic, and passion. What is the downside? He’s 6′5″, 205 pounds, a lanky frame for the NBA. He definitely needs to pack on some muscle. But most college players heading to the NBA do, very few draftees are 100% ready to play come the first game. Even Michael Jordan had to work on areas of his game.

I just think Winters would be a good fit for the team, and Coach Bickerstaff stated that he played well and has great hands. I will be going to the Bobcats Draft Party next Wednesday where Bickerstaff, MJ, and the third round pick will all be calling in to talk to us. I promise to take good notes!

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