Tuesday, March 28, 2006

An OSU blogger posting during the game

You must read the comments about Ian...they are highlighted in bold and are hilarious.

Buckeye Watch - Davidson
By Tony Gerdeman

Here are a number of comments from his "in-game" running commentary:

12:17 As I look at Davidson's team on the court, there's just something about them that makes it seem like we can take them off the dribble anytime we want. I can't put my finger on it though...

12:19:34 Okay, apparently all Davidson knows how to shoot is hook shots. This is awkward. You can't defend the quick hook shot, especially when you're trying to shield your eyes from the hideousness of it.

12:21 Whoever this Ian Johnson dude is, he's killing us. He just canned a three--though it wasn't a hook shot, so I guess that's good.

12:24 Whoa! Ian Johnson just missed a jumper! Amazing.

12:28:27 CBS just showed a graphic describing Davidson. Two of the keywords: Sharpshooters and Overachievers. Naw, really? I didn't need a graphic to guess that one. I'm guessing there are at least four coaches' sons on this team.

12:33 Alright, another half-hook for Ian Johnson. This guy is amazing. I hate him already.

12:49 Davidson for three! Southern Conference action...it's fantastic!

1:18 Ah, goodie. CBS is showing the #2 seeds that have lost to #15 seeds. The bad thing about Davidson being "close" is that all neutral fans now become loud Davidson fans.

1:19 Davidson comes out smiling. The Buckeyes don't.

1:26 Stupid Ian Johnson hook shots. After today, kids on playgrounds all over the country are going to set the game back 60 years because they're all going to be out there shooting those ugly hook shots and saying, "I'm Ian Johnson!"

1:39:37 Dials just got a tough put back, but Davidson got down the court again and this time Ian Johnson trailed the play and hit a three. The kids on the playground convulse with glee.

1:44 Meanwhile, Davidson just got another fastbreak basket. I'm getting tired of these guys.

1:45:27 Ian Johnson with another ugly hook. The children on the playground proclaim, "I'm Ian Johnson", and then the flailing ensues.

1:46 Even Ian Johnson's mom cringes when he shoots that thing.
"Mom, are you watching?"
"No you're not! You're not watching!"

1:53 Davidson just completed a nice "Dummy Play", which is an inbounds pass that leads directly to a layup and makes the defense (OSU in this case) look like dummies for allowing it to happen.

1:54:40 Ian Johnson for three. He is the best player that I've ever seen. Bar none. Nobody can do what he does. And since he's tall, white and can hit threes, I think he's the next Larry Bird.

2:05:21 Ian Johnson just made an underhand baseline hooky-type thing. I think I'm gonna throw away all future paper wads and various items of garbage in a manner reminiscent of Ian Johnson's sweet hook shot.

2:07 Oh, what a surprise. Davidson has a coach's son at the free throw line. I'll go out on a limb and say he makes both of these.

Funny/complimentary comment about Ian

This was posted on an OSU mesage board after the NCAA game, in which Ian lit up OSU for 26 points, if I'm not mistaken. The comment is somewhat of a back-handed compliment to Ian, but I would simply take it as a compliment:

"I had nightmares of Ian Johnson last night. That goofy, quick release, pseudo half-hook was...beautiful far too often."

What a classic comment.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Winters a Finalist for the Chip Hilton Award

Davidson senior guard Brendan Winters is one of five finalists nationally for the Chip Hilton Award, given annually to a graduating senior who demonstrates personal character on and off the court similar to that modeled by Coach Blai Bee’s fictional hero, Chip Hilton. The award will be presented at the Final Four in Indianapolis.

Click here for entire article (from Davidson website).



First of all, it's in no way related to Paris Hilton....which is a good thing (sorry, couldn't resist).

Here's the scoop:

The Basketball Hall of Fame and Chip Hilton Sports began presenting the awards in 1997 as a way to honor outstanding excellence and character in college basketball during the past season. The Chip Hilton Player of the Year award honors a senior Division I men's player for demonstrating outstanding character, leadership, and talent, similar to the qualities evident in the 24-book Chip Hilton sports fiction series. The books authored by Clair Bee, enjoyed their first popularity in the 40's, 50's and 60's and were re-released to a new generation of readers in 1999.

Bee, the late Long Island University coach and Hall of Famer, compiled an .826 lifetime winning percentage, still the best in major-college coaching history. By the time he left coaching in the 50's, he had already begun writing the Chip Hilton series, which are considered the top sports fiction series ever written. His innovation and influence on the game also extended to strategies (1-3-1 zone defense), rules (lane), sports camps (Kutsher's sports camp), and coaching clinics around the world.

Link to more info:
Link #1
Link #2

Interesting non-Davidson post

Ten College Athletics Logos That Have To Go
from ArmchairGM.com (I did not compile this list).

Davidson's logo is NOT included, thank goodness.

Here are a few:

The above logo is for Stetson, in case you didn't know.

I've always liked the VMI logo, personally.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

McKillop's "Fashion Profile" on CollegeInsider.com

NAME: Bob McKillop
SCHOOL: Davidson
FPI: 15

COMMENT: This native New Yorker, McKillop brings a Presidential look to the floor. Always well groomed, he is a pocket-square away from being the Cary Grant of college hoops. His high-end look makes him easily one of America's best.

Click here for profile page.


McKillop currently ranked #15 in the FPI (Fashion Power Index) by College Insider.com

Don't take this very seriously, but it's fun.

Click here for rankings.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

DC Basketball blog passes 5,000 hits

I started this blog on January 12, 2006, and never thought it would get near this much traffic. I'm glad you all keep coming back. Thanks!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mid-Major Top 25: Davidson holding steady

Davidson is staying just in the College Insider's Mid Major Top 25, listed at #25 in the poll.

Click here to see entire poll.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

NCAA tournament game articles

From SoCon Sports.com: Ohio State Ends Davidson's Season, 70-62
From Davidson website: Wildcats Fall to Ohio State 70-62 in First Round of NCAA Tournament

SoCon article from Greenville News

SoCon schedule concerns Davis
Published: Sunday, March 19, 2006 - 6:00 am

The decision by the Southern Conference athletic directors to move to an 18-game conference schedule for men's basketball next season isn't drawing rave reviews from Furman coach Larry Davis.

This year the five teams in the SoCon North Division played 14 league games apiece in the regular season while the six teams in the SoCon South Division (where Furman plays) had 15.

The SoCon athletic directors recently upped the league total across the board in part in anticipation of an NCAA move expected this April. The NCAA is looking at increasing the total number of games a team can play from 27 to either 28 or 29.

Click here for entire article.

Statements from OSU message board

"Their Grizzly Adams guy is a good player. Tough matchup for anyone. "

"And where did Davidson just come up with Bill Walton? "

"That left hook from Johnson is a killer, gotta hope he runs out of gas. "

"Davidson is a good team."

"What's this Johnson guy's season average?"

"Nothing wrong with an 8 point win over a good team in the NCAA's. Take it and run baby. "

"I was impressed with Davidson. Very scrappy and they played very hard. Also, this guy (see picture below) is one heck of a player"

Friday, March 17, 2006


Davidson coach Bob McKillop, left, reacts to a call as assistant coach Jim Fox holds him back in the second half of a first round NCAA basketball tournament game against Ohio State Friday, March 17, 2006 in Dayton, Ohio. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)

Davidson forward Ian Johnson, left, and Ohio State guard J.J. Sullinger hug after an NCAA Division I men's college basketball opening round game, Friday, March 17, 2006, in Dayton, Ohio. Ohio State won 70-62. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)
Davidson guard Jason Richards, left, and forward Ian Johnson watch the end of their first round NCAA basketball tournament game against Ohio State Friday, March 17, 2006 in Dayton, Ohio. Ohio State won 70-62. (AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)


It almost did happen.

Much more to come.

I'm exhausted from relentless posting lately, so I'll be back tonight or tomorrow to give you the post-game articles.

Great season, guys. We are very proud.


(15) Richmond 73
(2) Syracuse 69

(15) Santa Clara 64
(2) Arizona 61

(15) Coppin State 78
(2) South Carolina 65

(15) Hampton 58
(2) Iowa State 57

I'd say we are about due another 15 over 2 upset, wouldn't you?

From the Hendersonville paper

All Cinderella needs is a chance
Jeremy Trantham
On the Sidelines

Other patrons cast odd looks at us. I doubt any pair in Boston has screamed as loudly at a Southern Conference Championship game (2002) on television before or since.

Every Peter Anderer 3-pointer -- all six of them, five in the second half -- had us high-fiving and ordering another round.

Even odder looks and maybe a couple of curse words greeted my roommate Paul and I as we exited that bar in March of 2002. In fairness, I would have cast an odd look at two spring breakers running -- skipping really -- through the Boston Common proclaiming to anyone within earshot that our school, tiny Davidson College, was in the Big Dance.

This first weekend of the tourney ought to be a national holiday. It's a chance for schools like Davidson -- all of roughly 1,600 students -- to shine against first-round opponents like Ohio State -- all of roughly 50,000 students.

Click here for entire article.

Don't forget: watch the game online at work if you can!!

Go to CBS Sportsline, register, and watch the game live!!! (It's free.)


From Dayton Daily News

NCAA Tournament Day 2 preview

NO. 2 OHIO STATE (25-5) VS. NO. 15 DAVIDSON (20-10)
Time: 12:15 p.m.

Analysis: Experience counts this time of the year and Ohio State has it big-time. The Buckeyes start three fifth-year seniors, led by Big Ten player of the year Terence Dials, which was good enough to propel them to the Big Ten regular-season title. These teams can score in bunches. Heading into conference tournament week, Davidson was 26th in the nation in scoring (78 points a game), Ohio State was 36th (76.5). The Buckeyes won't take Davidson lightly.

From Dayton Daily News...good article

'Daddy's Boy' a great fit for Davidson team
By Tom Archdeacon
Dayton Daily News

Bob McKillop had been coaching 30 seasons — 14 at Davidson — and he thought he's faced every situation imaginable. But with just three seconds left in that game at VMI three years ago, he suddenly wasn't sure who he was.

Click here for entire article.

Good article from Columbus Dispatch

Father-son relationship works well at Davidson
Friday, March 17, 2006
Bill Rabinowitz

Before Matt McKillop decided to play for the Davidson Wildcats, his father gave him a glimpse of what he could expect.

Bob McKillop knew that when the inevitable frustrations with Matt’s coach arose, son wouldn’t be able to turn to father for guidance. That’s because Bob is Davidson’s coach.

Many Davidson players can at least somewhat relate to Matt’s experience: Six have fathers who played Division I basketball.

The most successful player among the fathers also has produced the best player among the sons. Brendan Winters’ father, Brian, had a distinguished NBA career and is now coach of the WNBA’s Indiana Fever.

Click here for entire article.

Like Father Like Son

Several articles from the Columbus Dispatch

Too many to post individually. Here's the partial list. I've posted the others above. Click the name of the article to read it.

Buckeyes will stick with what brought ’em to Big Dance

Sullinger brothers’ games will keep family on the move

Matta: ‘I will be back’ as coach

If threes not falling, OSU will turn to defense

Click here to get to the table of contents for all of today's articles.

From the Charlotte Observer - two articles

Davidson has a rich history against Ohio State

On Dec. 11, 1963, in the teams' first meeting, Davidson ended Ohio State's 50-game homecourt winning streak with a 95-73 thumping.

The teams last met in the 2002 NCAA tournament, when Ohio State won 69-64. The NCAA vacated that victory last week because of the Buckeyes' rules violations, but the game still counts as a loss for Davidson.

Davidson's record in the series is 3-3, but Ohio State is considered 2-3 against the Wildcats because of the nullified victory.

Davidson's other NCAA tournament game under coach Bob McKillop, against Michigan in 1998, also was vacated because of rules violations.

"Hey, I'm 2-0 in the NCAA tournament," McKillop joked.

Dayton Gameday: Davidson, UNC in action

ANALYSIS: Ohio State has five players averaging 10 points or more, led by 6-foot-9 Terence Dials (15 ppg). If Davidson tries to double-team Dials, any of the five Ohio State players with at least 29 3-pointers this season can hurt the Wildcats. Brendan Winters (16.3 ppg) has to get hot for Davidson to have a chance.
DID YOU KNOW: Davidson is 7-8 all-time against Big Ten schools

Photos from Thursday's practice, from ESPN.com

Davidson head coach Bob McKilop directs his team during practice Thursday, March 16, 2006, at University of Dayton Arena in Dayton,. Ohio. Dayton plays Ohio State Friday. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)
Davidson head coach Bob McKilop, left, directs his team during the practice Thursday, March 16, 2006 at University of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio. The opening round of the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament in Dayton starts Friday. At right is McKilop's son Matt McKilop. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)
Davidson guard Kenny Grant dribbles during practice for the NCAA basketball tournament Thursday, March 16, 2006 at University of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio. Davidson will take on Ohio State in the first round on Friday. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)
Davidson forward Ian Johnson goes up for a basket during practice for the NCAA tournament on Thursday, March 16, 2006 at University of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio. Davidson take on Ohio State in a first-round game Friday. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

Click here to link to photo page.

From WCNC, Charlotte

Carolina teams prepare for NCAA tournament

06:41 PM EST on Wednesday, March 15, 2006
By 6NEWS Staff
E-mail Us: 6NEWS@WCNC.com

Five Carolina teams are preparing for a run at the NCAA Final Four. Of course the big three from the ACC are NC State, Carolina and Duke, but UNC Wilmington, Davidson, and Winthrop are underdogs ready to become the next Cinderella.

New Davidson/Ohio State post over on Buckeye Commentary blog

Keith does a great job with his site. Go check it out.

Click here to check out Buckeye Commentary.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Charlotte Observer online article about NCAA Tournament practice

NCAA: Davidson practices for 1st round

(Click the link...I dare you......you'll see that it's BLANK...THE ARTICLE IS BLANK...I couldn't make this stuff up...typical Observer.)

Article from Charlotte Observer....no, really, it's actually an article, I promise...yes, from the Observer....no, I'm not kidding...

Davidson brings a worldly touch to NCAA Tournament
Charlotte Observer

DAYTON, Ohio - Davidson, which plays Ohio State on Friday in the NCAA tournament, is not what you think.

"People think our team is a bunch of academic nerds and freaks," says senior forward Ian Johnson. "I prefer the term dork because you can be a dork and be a little bit cool as opposed to being a complete nerd where it's all books and studying."

Name a dork.

"I would say Chris Clunie is a dork," says Ian. "He's a good dork."

Clunie, a Wildcats senior forward, is an excellent dork. He learned this week he is one of 60 students nationally to receive a prestigious Watson Fellowship. His project is basketball as an instrument of societal change, and his studies will take him to Japan, Argentina and South Africa.

Davidson has five other seniors, and they are so close they can finish each other's sentences. The respect and the admiration they feel for each other is so obvious you can see it on a low-definition TV. This is their first NCAA tournament together.

Click here for entire article.

Another article from Charlotte Observer...surely you jest (no, I'm not jesting, and stop calling me Shirley)

Davidson aims to take down Goliath

DAVIDSON - Leading up to Davidson's opening NCAA Tournament game Friday against Ohio State, Wildcat forward Ian Johnson has been immersed in a psychology experiment.

For a school class, he's determining whether prior experience helps create better results.

He can use Friday's game as an example. Senior guard Eric Blancett is the only Davidson player to experience an NCAA Tournament game before, but the Wildcats know what it's like to face a powerful opponent.

Davidson has played national powers Duke, North Carolina and Syracuse this season, which gives the team confidence heading into Friday's 12:15 p.m. game against the Buckeyes.

"We're loose," senior guard Brendan Winters said. "You can tell the guys are feeling good."

That's in spite of long odds heading into Friday's game. Davidson is a No. 15 seed, and 15 seeds have won only four times in 84 tries against No. 2 seeds. Ohio State is an 11-point favorite, and the Buckeyes won the Big 10 regular-season championship.

The Wildcats aren't the only ones who say they can contend. Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim told ESPN Radio on Monday that the Wildcats' game with Ohio State is one to watch, and ESPN analyst Jay Bilas considers the game a potential upset.

"We've tasted this kind of game in the past," Davidson coach Bob McKillop said, referring to Davidson's two wins in the NIT last season. "We know this is a do-or-die situation. ... But we are also realistic to know how talented Ohio State is. They have the complete package."

Ohio State (25-5) has five players averaging at least 10 points a game, led by center Terence Dials. Dials, the Big 10 player of the year, averages 15 points and eight rebounds a game.

But Johnson has faced that kind of player before. He's guarded Duke All-American Shelden Williams, and ACC Freshman of the Year Tyler Hansbrough of North Carolina.

"(Dials) is big and strong, but I know I have to make him do things that he doesn't want to do," Johnson said.

If Johnson can slow Dials, that could force Ohio State into taking more outside shots. The Buckeyes average eight 3-pointers a game, but Ohio State hasn't shot well in recent games. The Buckeyes have made 23 percent of their three-point shots (31-of-133) in their last five games.
"We have a lot of guys who can shoot it," Ohio State coach Thad Motta said. "As long as they are taking good, open shots, I encourage them to keep shooting."

Davidson will have to shoot well to win. The Wildcats (20-10) have eight players who can hit outside shots and can spread out the Ohio State defense.

"We won't do anything that will surprise Davidson," Motta said. "When you make a mistake on defense, they are good enough to make you pay."

That has helped the Wildcats earn national attention. USA Today featured Winters on Wednesday as one of five unknown tournament stars, and the guard said he's had at least 10 other interviews this week.

But is Davidson good enough to win Friday? USA Today analyst Danny Sheridan said the Wildcats face "25 billion to one" odds of winning the six tournament games needed to win the NCAA title.

Though the arena at the University of Dayton will have more than 10,000 Ohio State fans cheering against the Wildcats, Davidson will fight for its first NCAA Tournament win since 1969.
"Hey, at least we have odds," Winters said. "A lot of teams are sitting at home.

"Everyone expects Ohio State to win, so there is no pressure on us. But we've handled this before, there is no reason we can't do it again."

From South Florida Sun-Sentinel

A Game-By-Game Look at NCAA Tournament

* Ohio State (2) vs. DAVIDSON (15) -- Upset special of the first round. Terence Dials of the Buckeyes has been a force inside, but the Wildcats are one of those teams that can overcome a big disadvantage with a patient perimeter attack.

From South Florida Sun-Sentinel

In Matta the Ohio State Buckeyes Trust
AP Sports Writer
Posted March 16 2006, 5:07 PM EST

DAYTON, Ohio -- The Ohio State Buckeyes have something to say to those who consider them overrated and primed for a first-round NCAA upset at the hands of Davidson...

...Asked what concerns him the most about playing the second-seeded Buckeyes (25-5), Coach Bob McKillop said, "They are extremely well coached and will be well prepared. They are not looking at this as a 15 (seed) versus a two"...

..."Even though Ohio State has been struggling (with its shooting) we still know they're a great team," Davidson forward Ian Johnson said.

The last time both teams were in the NCAA tournament four years ago, they also met in the opening round. Davidson, seeded 13th, pushed the Buckeyes to the limit before falling 69-64...

...Most of the crowd at the University of Dayton Arena will be rooting for Ohio State, which is just an hour down the road. That's OK with the Wildcats, who have played at Duke, Syracuse and North Carolina this season.

"We've been in a lot of tough atmospheres," said Matt McKillop, a starting guard and the head coach's son. "Tomorrow we'll face similar conditions. The crowd will be against us. We're going to know how to handle it."

Article from Columbus Dispatch

Foster is working hard to break out of shooting slump
Thursday, March 16, 2006
Bob Baptist

Ohio State (25-5) plays Davidson (20-10) on Friday in University of Dayton Arena in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, and Foster, who a month ago was making three-point shots at a higher percentage (52.9) than anyone else in the country, has made 9 of 62 (14.5 percent) since.

"Mind-boggling," center Terence Dials said.

From Dayton TV station

March Madness Invades the Miami Valley

DAYTON - Can't afford tickets to this weekends NCAA Tournament? You may still have a shot at seeing your favorit players and sportscasters... and guess what, it won't cost you a dime. FOX 45'S Karin Johnson hit the town to find out where all the stars are staying.

Your Local News Source was the only station to greet the Ohio State Buckeyes as they arrived at the Double Tree in Miami Township. We did have a little bit of company.

"They're not as tall as they look on TV" The Holiday Inn North is hosting the Murray State Racers and the Davidson Wildcats. While other teams are reportedly crashing in hotels off Miller Lane.

For an inside look at the road to the final four, you're invited to watch your team practice. NOON- 12:40 P.M.- Davidson
12:45-1:25 P.M.- Northern Iowa
1:30-2:10 P.M.- Ohio State
2:15-2:55 P.M.- Georgetown
4:25-5:05 P.M.- Michigan State
5:10-5:50 P.M.- North Carolina
5:55-6:35 P.M.- George Mason
6:40-7:20 P.M.- Murray State

Home Court for Buckeyes

Dayton just fine with Ohio State
By Doug Harris
Dayton Daily News

Ohio State complained about its first-round destination the last time it played in the NCAA tournament, having been sent across two time zones to Albuquerque in 2002. But you won't hear any whining this time.

The second-seeded Buckeyes arrived at their hotel near the Dayton Mall on Wednesday evening in preparation for their opener against 15th-seeded Davidson at U.D. Arena on Friday. And coach Thad Matta and his players don't think they could have gotten a better draw if they filled out the brackets themselves.

The Buckeyes, who will hold an open practice from 1:30-2:10 p.m. today at the arena, met Davidson in the first round in 2002 and prevailed in a 69-64 thriller.

Random (and pretty pointless, in some cases) facts about each school, from the Dayton Daily News

NCAA Tourney school facts
By the Dayton Daily News

Facts about the eight colleges that will be represented in first-round NCAA tournament action Friday at UD Arena (seeds in parentheses):

• At the school's 1870 founding, it was the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College.
• The Athletic Council didn't officially adopt the nickname Buckeyes until 1950, although it had been used in connection with the school likely since the late 1800s. The nation became more aware of the term "buckeye" when Ohio resident William Henry Harrison adopted the buckeye tree and nuts as presidential campaign symbols.
• According to the 2005-06 budget, the school's income is $3.48 billion.

• The nation's first state university, located in Chapel Hill, UNC opened to students in 1795.
• The school's use of a ram as a mascot dates to 1924, when it was adopted in reference to UNC's popular offensive lineman, Jack Merrit, who was known on campus as the Battering Ram. The first ram was ordered from Texas for $25.
• It is believed the term Tar Heel goes back to the Civil War and references a group of North Carolinians staying to fight a battle while others retreated, as if they had tar on their heels to make them stick.

• The school's name honors Gen. William Lee Davidson, a local Revolutionary War-era soldier who died at the Battle of Cowan's Ford. His son donated the land for the Davidson, N.C., school.
• The college seal was designed by Peter Stuart Ney. It has been said that Ney was actually Napoleon's Marshal Ney, a soldier whom some believe staged his own execution in 1815 and moved to the United States.
• The Davidson student body was all male until 1972.
Source: University Web sites

Hoops Senior Chris Clunie Wins a Watson Fellowship

From Davidson official website:

Clunie is among fifty seniors nationwide who were announced this week as winners of the prestigious fellowship, which finances a year of study abroad for a project of the students' choosing.

He will begin his year abroad in Japan in August, serving as a volunteer at the International Basketball Federation World Championships. He will examine how the event serves a tool for international solidarity among the twenty-four teams planning to compete.

In South Africa he will coach a youth team in the “Playing for Peace” organization to see how that group uses basketball as a means to teach young people life skills such as leadership and community service, and helps them cope with social issues such as racism and AIDS.

Basketball has been huge in Argentina since that country's team won the gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics, and Clunie will travel there to meet players in lower leagues who dream that their passion for the game will lead to fame and fortune.

He will study the program, “Basketball Without Borders” in Italy. That organization brings together players from troubled countries like the Congo and Balkan nations to help them improve their skills, and use their success to move their countries toward reconciliation.

Click here for entire article.

President Vagt appeared on ESPN's Cold Pizza

President Vagt Rallies 'Cats to Nationwide Audience on ESPN

Thursday, March 16, 2006
Contact: Bill Giduz

Davidson's President Robert Vagt ' 69 carried the Wildcat hopes for NCAA basketball tournament glory to the nation on Thursday morning through an interview on ESPN's "Cold Pizza" show.

In the five-minute interview, President Vagt talked about the college's history and the importance of Division I sports on campus, and student excitement over Davidson's 12:15 p.m. Friday opening round NCAA Tournament matchup with number two seed Ohio State.

To access the interview, click here. (Link requires Real Player)

"Certainly, Davidson is a model of how you get it done both successfully athletically and academically," concluded the show's host, Jay Crawford.

About fifty Davidson students will leave campus at 2 a.m. Friday on a bus bound for Dayton, Ohio, the site of the game. They will return immediately following its conclusion, and will make the same trip on Sunday if Davidson pulls the upset. Hundreds more students are expected to gather in the Alvarez College Union on Friday to watch the game on three big screen TVs there.

More than 400 students and fans gathered with the team in the Union's C. Shaw Smith 900 Room last Sunday to discover what seed the NCAA assigned to the Wildcats. The drama took nearly the entire hour-long show on CBS, as Davidson was one of the last teams unveiled in the bracket.

Davidson and Ohio State played each other in the first round last time Davidson played in the NCAA Tournament in 2002.

This is the eighth trip to the NCAA Tournament for Davidson, and third under head coach Bob McKillop. When the 'Cats played Ohio State four years ago in the first round as a 13 seed, they nearly pulled off the upset before falling by five points, 69-64.

Very flattering article from CBS Sportsline

One for the books: Davidson a team to yell for

DAYTON, Ohio -- Davidson has no business being here. This is America, land of the free and home of the brave and open to underdogs and everyone and so on and so forth. Got it. But this is also college basketball, land of the giants and home of the cheaters and open to academic misfits and sloths and ... just win, baby.

Davidson has no business winning. Not with this playing field. The average student at Davidson came to college with an SAT score of 1,360. Of course, it's different for the average Davidson student-athlete -- their SAT score was 1,370.

In Bob McKillop's 17 years at Davidson, 53 of his 54 seniors have graduated. McKillop has been all over that 54th senior, and in May, the unnamed non-graduate will get his Davidson degree. McKillop's players have become cardiovascular specialists, neurologists and poets. Pastors and Ph.D. candidates and executive headhunters.

Click here for entire article.

Thanks to Randy Skattum for this tip.

Davidson Basketball Blog featured on Blog Madness Tournament

I have no idea how this happened, but this blog is the featured blog for Davidson Basketball on this online Blog Madness Tournament.

I haven't looked over it much, so I'm still not even sure what the heck it is. Each team in the NCAA tournament has a blog. I have no idea what determines who advances.