Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Buckeye Commentary wants your help

Buckeye Commentary's author is asking for input from the Davidson fans. He wants to know more about our team. I have already given some input. However, we need to give more. Please go to this great site and leave some comments about our team. The author seems like a classy guy and will make for some interesting dialogue. Go tell those Buckeye fans what we've got here in Davidson!!

Here's what he says about the Buckeyes:

"As for Ohio State, take a peek around here (Buckeye I've written on our ups and downs quite often. We are in major slump mode shooting the three; and when I say major, I mean like 9 consecutive-games-major. Outside of a 11-24 night at Michigan State, we have been horrific shooting the perimeter J, which is a large component of our 4 out, 1 in offense. However, we continue to win and Terence Dials continues to be our constant force as, even with Player of the Year status, he is largely underrated across the nation."

(Thanks to Buckeye Commentary for the graphics shown above.)

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Keith said...

Awesome breakdown of Davidson on my site. I remember pieces of our 2002 game and it's interesting to learn this year's Davidson team is better than 2002. Should be a good matchup. I am certainly not overlooking the Cats - especially they way we are shooting the ball right now.