Monday, March 13, 2006

McKillop speculation

I absolutely hate to post this, but I guess I have to. I almost feel dirty now. However, it's not like I'm the first one to ponder this issue.

Will McKillop stay after Matt graduates this May? I know that we all hope so!! Nonetheless, here are two articles that a faithful reader forwarded to me that mention Coach McKillop in connection with the Kansas State job. It doesn't appear that McKillop is THE candidate, but he is A candidate:

Could Jankovich return to Kansas State? He can’t say
"Davidson coach Bob McKillop has interest in the K-State job, a source close to McKillop told The Star on Friday.
"McKillop, 55, is taking his team to the NCAA Tournament for the third time in his 17 seasons. The Wildcats won the Southland Conference tournament and received an automatic berth. Davidson beat Missouri 82-73 at home in December.
"McKillop is 262-202 at Davidson. His last NCAA Tournament team was in 2002. Davidson also has played in three NIT tourneys under McKillop."

Kansas State - not Missouri - could use a Hug from Bob Huggins
"There are other good candidates_Bob McKillop is one heck of a coach at Davidson, for instance..."

NOTE: I hope like heck that McKillop stays. I would hate to see him go, for selfish reasons. However, if he feels moving on to a bigger school (the next level) is the thing he needs to do, I would be happy for him if he got the right job at the right school. If McKillop does go, I know that I will become a huge fan of whatever team he ends up coaching. With all that said, however, I will say this: "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE, COACH!!!"


wildcat12546 said...

Don't forget that his youngest, who is a junior and high school (I think), may be coming along in a few years. That may keep Bob here for few years.

wild said...

He will no doubt, like Matt, go to 13th grade somewhere to gain experience before becoming a Wildcat in 2008-09.