Thursday, March 16, 2006

Very flattering article from CBS Sportsline

One for the books: Davidson a team to yell for

DAYTON, Ohio -- Davidson has no business being here. This is America, land of the free and home of the brave and open to underdogs and everyone and so on and so forth. Got it. But this is also college basketball, land of the giants and home of the cheaters and open to academic misfits and sloths and ... just win, baby.

Davidson has no business winning. Not with this playing field. The average student at Davidson came to college with an SAT score of 1,360. Of course, it's different for the average Davidson student-athlete -- their SAT score was 1,370.

In Bob McKillop's 17 years at Davidson, 53 of his 54 seniors have graduated. McKillop has been all over that 54th senior, and in May, the unnamed non-graduate will get his Davidson degree. McKillop's players have become cardiovascular specialists, neurologists and poets. Pastors and Ph.D. candidates and executive headhunters.

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Thanks to Randy Skattum for this tip.

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pwags said...

wow. this is the BEST column i've ever seen about our program, and the one that perfectly explains what's so special about our little college. yahoo! go 'cats!

so...... who is that unnamed "senior #54"?!