Thursday, March 16, 2006

CBS to have free online broadcasts of all games

CBS offers fans free online fix
System even allows users to fake out boss
Thursday, March 16, 2006
Eric Benderoff

CHICAGO - CBS, which broadcasts the NCAA Tournament, for the first time is offering the ability to watch all the games in the first three rounds online for free. The package of games from the television network comes with a handy "boss button," allowing online viewers to instantly switch to a spreadsheet if the boss happens to walk past.

Click here for CBS Sportsline.

UPDATE: I've signed up for it, and I'm about #67,000 in line in the waiting area to get into the video player. Maybe this isn't so great......


Bruce Wayne said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Man you really have to hate that. I meant to write Davidson and wrote Duke instead. Sorry about that.

BTW. I remember a few years ago when Davidson was in the NCAA. I saw them play in Atlanta. I remember a sign that one of the students was holding up. It said something like "864 Students, One Dream".

Randy Skattum said...

Saw this article on CBS Sportsline... As an '01 Grad I can say that I'm happy to see Davidson is finally getting the press it deserves - now they just need to get their facts straight - Davidson can win this game...

One for the Books - Davidson a Team to Yell For
CBS Sportsline Article

And if that link doesn't work -

On another note, wonderful site - keep up the excellent work!