Thursday, March 23, 2006

DC Basketball blog passes 5,000 hits

I started this blog on January 12, 2006, and never thought it would get near this much traffic. I'm glad you all keep coming back. Thanks!


pwags said...

we're out of the tournament, but we're still here, big guy. really appreciated you keeping up on this site over these last two months. it's been great.

so the good news of the day... bobby huggins is reported to have taken the job at kansas state. that's one fewer possibility for losing bob mckillop!

pwags said...

hey, wells. just out of curiosity (and at least part out of sour grapes), i decided to take a peek at the george mason website to see just how much of a "little guy" we were really going to be pulling for as they enter the final four. the answer is "not so much." small conference or not, george mason is a gigantic institution. quoting their "plan for 2007":

George Mason’s student body will grow by 30 percent, from 23,400 to 30,000 at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Numbers at the Fairfax Campus will reach 26,000, while Arlington and Prince William will grow to 1,825 each, with 250 at an emerging center in Loudoun County.