Thursday, March 16, 2006

Article from Charlotte, really, it's actually an article, I promise...yes, from the, I'm not kidding...

Davidson brings a worldly touch to NCAA Tournament
Charlotte Observer

DAYTON, Ohio - Davidson, which plays Ohio State on Friday in the NCAA tournament, is not what you think.

"People think our team is a bunch of academic nerds and freaks," says senior forward Ian Johnson. "I prefer the term dork because you can be a dork and be a little bit cool as opposed to being a complete nerd where it's all books and studying."

Name a dork.

"I would say Chris Clunie is a dork," says Ian. "He's a good dork."

Clunie, a Wildcats senior forward, is an excellent dork. He learned this week he is one of 60 students nationally to receive a prestigious Watson Fellowship. His project is basketball as an instrument of societal change, and his studies will take him to Japan, Argentina and South Africa.

Davidson has five other seniors, and they are so close they can finish each other's sentences. The respect and the admiration they feel for each other is so obvious you can see it on a low-definition TV. This is their first NCAA tournament together.

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