Sunday, March 19, 2006

NCAA tournament game articles

From SoCon Ohio State Ends Davidson's Season, 70-62
From Davidson website: Wildcats Fall to Ohio State 70-62 in First Round of NCAA Tournament


Gerry Born said...

Thanks for the blog; it's great to access so many Davidson hoops links at one site. Keep up the good work.

This past year was very enjoyable for me. I especially loved the 25 point win over Chattanooga on ESPN. (Old rivalries die hard.)

I did not see the NCAA game, but it sounds like we put up a great always. Coach McKillop and his staff do a great job. The senior class was tremendous and the team play was obvious to any knowledgeable fan. What a year!

Proud to be a Wildcat,
Gerry Born '86

Stan said...

As ususal, the conventional wisdom is wrong. I read a lot of the Ohio newspaper articles after a google search and their spin is that OSU wasn't really ready to play until the 2d half. Once the great Buckeyes got serious, they ramped up their intensity and took care of business. In addition to being BS, it is really demeaning to our team.

The reality is that the Bucks were a little surprised by Ian's ability to score with his assortment of unorthodox shots. But they WERE playing hard from the start. The only significant change in the 2d half was that they starting hitting their 3s after missing all but one in the first half.

I've never, ever seen a shooter end a slump by firing up his long jump shots with increased intensity.

Our crowd was great. Whoever put the student bus trip together should get a raise. They were magnificent.

Stan said...

Also, Kenny Grant really, really played well handling the ball against OSU. And his 3 games in the SoCon were also solid. I would have voted him onto the SoCon all tournament team before Matt.