Thursday, March 16, 2006

From South Florida Sun-Sentinel

In Matta the Ohio State Buckeyes Trust
AP Sports Writer
Posted March 16 2006, 5:07 PM EST

DAYTON, Ohio -- The Ohio State Buckeyes have something to say to those who consider them overrated and primed for a first-round NCAA upset at the hands of Davidson...

...Asked what concerns him the most about playing the second-seeded Buckeyes (25-5), Coach Bob McKillop said, "They are extremely well coached and will be well prepared. They are not looking at this as a 15 (seed) versus a two"...

..."Even though Ohio State has been struggling (with its shooting) we still know they're a great team," Davidson forward Ian Johnson said.

The last time both teams were in the NCAA tournament four years ago, they also met in the opening round. Davidson, seeded 13th, pushed the Buckeyes to the limit before falling 69-64...

...Most of the crowd at the University of Dayton Arena will be rooting for Ohio State, which is just an hour down the road. That's OK with the Wildcats, who have played at Duke, Syracuse and North Carolina this season.

"We've been in a lot of tough atmospheres," said Matt McKillop, a starting guard and the head coach's son. "Tomorrow we'll face similar conditions. The crowd will be against us. We're going to know how to handle it."

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