Thursday, March 16, 2006

Columbus Dispatch article about 15 seeds

No. 15 seeds aren’t always pushovers
Thursday, March 16, 2006
Tim May

As the tip-off for Coppin State’s 1997 first-round NCAA Tournament game against South Carolina neared, Coppin coach Ron "Fang" Mitchell looked his players in the eye. He liked what looked back at him.

"Those players, they were winners," Mitchell said. "They always had the look of winners. They refused to lose."

With that in mind, perhaps Ohio State coach Thad Matta should sneak a peek into the eyes of the Davidson players before the teams meet Friday in Dayton. Is an upset in the offing?

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Eliz said...

You've seen this, right? (Trying to catch up on my reading)

In the Sun-Sentinel

Ohio State (2) vs. DAVIDSON (15) -- Upset special of the first round. Terence Dials of the Buckeyes has been a force inside, but the Wildcats are one of those teams that can overcome a big disadvantage with a patient perimeter attack.