Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Officially retiring

Sometimes things just run their course....and it appears that is the case with this blog.

When I first started this blog, it was January 12, 2006. The Davidson Basketball team got very little coverage at the time. Brendan Winters was the leader, Steph Curry was still playing high school basketball (almost nobody knew who he was), and the team was coming off a nice run in the NIT the previous year.

At the time, I had become familiar with blogging, and thought it might a good way for a few Davidson fans out there to follow the team. So, I began.

My first post on this blog was this:
"Why this blog? As a Davidson alum ('94), I am interested in what is happening with the basketball team. Since Davidson is such a small school, there is very little coverage. I thought I might try to consolidate what little coverage our team gets. I hope you will enjoy it. "

In January 2006, this blog was about all you could find on the internet as a source for info on the Cats, other than the official website, and a brand new message board.

Well....as they say.....that was then, and this is now. My, how the atmosphere has changed since then!

No longer is our beloved basketball team just another small school in a small conference. We have been to 3 straight NCAA Tournaments, and last season even went to the Elite Eight, beat several top 20 teams and finished #9 in the nation. The Wildcats are getting LOTS of coverage now, which is wonderful!! That is also the very reason that I don't think this blog is really necessary anymore. That is a testament to the accomplishments of the basketball players and coaches over the past few years.

So, with that in mind, I bid you farewell. I will not say goodbye, because - who knows - maybe I'll make a blogging comeback some day. But for now, I look forward to simply watching the games and pulling for Davidson.