Monday, August 14, 2006

Davidson Football highlight: Big Hit

Here's a big hit laid by Adam Elmore (2002?) against an Emory and Henry receiver coming across the middle. Notice the receiver's helmet gets knocked off.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


The article below got me curious about Barry Teague, so I ran a Google search.

I found a September 2002 Davidson Math Department newsletter entitled "The Bernard Society Review" that mentioned Barry A. Teauge, '65. I would certainly think this is the same Barry Teague mentioned in the article.

I quote from page 8 of the 2002 newsletter: "Barry A. Teague ’65 continues work as a financial planner."

Barry was also quoted in a 1995 article from The Charlotte Observer about Fred Hetzel. The article is reprinted on the archive page of the Davidson website. Click here to read that article.

Barry was also apparently on the 1963 SoCon All-Tournament 2nd Team.

Here is the entire list of 1st and 2nd teams:

Fred Hetzel, Davidson
Bill Jarman, Davidson
Howard Pardue, Virginia Tech
Jerry Smith, Furman
Rod Thorn, West Virginia **

Frank Alvis, Virginia Tech
Bob Harris, William & Mary
Tom Lowry, West Virginia
Jim McCormick, West Virginia
Barry Teague, Davidson

**NOTE: This is the same Rod Thorn of NBA executive fame. He is the one that Dennis Rodman used to lash out at every time Dennis got fined, if I remember correctly. He's now the GM of the NJ Nets. (How about that...a Dennis Rodman tie-in to the Davidson Basketball blog???)

<==Rod Thorn in his days at West Virginia

Here's an article about the 1963 SoCon Tournament Finals: Mountaineers Claim Eighth Southern Conference Title

Random mention of Davidson Basketball

Not just about the pigskins

By Barry Byers · The Herald (Published July 6‚ 2006)

Last Thursday afternoon at Winthrop Coliseum, I ran into John Bramlett, an old friend and an assistant basketball coach at Northwestern.

I stopped by to congratulate Gregg Marshall on his decision to stay on as Winthrop's basketball coach and to check on a couple of facts for the stories we were writing concerning his big announcement earlier that afternoon.

"What are you doing in a basketball gym?'' asked Bramlett, who was working at Winthrop's youth basketball camp. "I thought you were a football man.''

Right and wrong, but thanks, John, for getting my memory bank spinning.

My late dad got me hooked on college basketball when I was still a tadpole. If the Davidson Wildcats were playing at the old Charlotte Coliseum, we were there. Even wrote a fan letter to Wildcats guard Barry Trague.

He never replied, breaking this then-12-year-old's heart. I still pulled for him.

That started a passion for the game and a habit of spending many dollars on publications such as Street & Smith's College Basketball Yearbook and the ACC Handbook, my favorite.

Click here for entire article.

Friday, August 04, 2006

1908: The first (?) DC basketball team

It is my understanding that this was the very first Davidson basketball team. It is also my understanding that they didn't play a game that year, but did have the team.

Click the picture to view a larger version.