Saturday, August 12, 2006

Random mention of Davidson Basketball

Not just about the pigskins

By Barry Byers · The Herald (Published July 6‚ 2006)

Last Thursday afternoon at Winthrop Coliseum, I ran into John Bramlett, an old friend and an assistant basketball coach at Northwestern.

I stopped by to congratulate Gregg Marshall on his decision to stay on as Winthrop's basketball coach and to check on a couple of facts for the stories we were writing concerning his big announcement earlier that afternoon.

"What are you doing in a basketball gym?'' asked Bramlett, who was working at Winthrop's youth basketball camp. "I thought you were a football man.''

Right and wrong, but thanks, John, for getting my memory bank spinning.

My late dad got me hooked on college basketball when I was still a tadpole. If the Davidson Wildcats were playing at the old Charlotte Coliseum, we were there. Even wrote a fan letter to Wildcats guard Barry Trague.

He never replied, breaking this then-12-year-old's heart. I still pulled for him.

That started a passion for the game and a habit of spending many dollars on publications such as Street & Smith's College Basketball Yearbook and the ACC Handbook, my favorite.

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wild said...

Maybe Barry didn't return his letter 'cause he spelled his name wrong...Teague