Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hoops Senior Chris Clunie Wins a Watson Fellowship

From Davidson official website:

Clunie is among fifty seniors nationwide who were announced this week as winners of the prestigious fellowship, which finances a year of study abroad for a project of the students' choosing.

He will begin his year abroad in Japan in August, serving as a volunteer at the International Basketball Federation World Championships. He will examine how the event serves a tool for international solidarity among the twenty-four teams planning to compete.

In South Africa he will coach a youth team in the “Playing for Peace” organization to see how that group uses basketball as a means to teach young people life skills such as leadership and community service, and helps them cope with social issues such as racism and AIDS.

Basketball has been huge in Argentina since that country's team won the gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics, and Clunie will travel there to meet players in lower leagues who dream that their passion for the game will lead to fame and fortune.

He will study the program, “Basketball Without Borders” in Italy. That organization brings together players from troubled countries like the Congo and Balkan nations to help them improve their skills, and use their success to move their countries toward reconciliation.

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