Tuesday, March 28, 2006

An OSU blogger posting during the game

You must read the comments about Ian...they are highlighted in bold and are hilarious.

Buckeye Watch - Davidson
By Tony Gerdeman

Here are a number of comments from his "in-game" running commentary:

12:17 As I look at Davidson's team on the court, there's just something about them that makes it seem like we can take them off the dribble anytime we want. I can't put my finger on it though...

12:19:34 Okay, apparently all Davidson knows how to shoot is hook shots. This is awkward. You can't defend the quick hook shot, especially when you're trying to shield your eyes from the hideousness of it.

12:21 Whoever this Ian Johnson dude is, he's killing us. He just canned a three--though it wasn't a hook shot, so I guess that's good.

12:24 Whoa! Ian Johnson just missed a jumper! Amazing.

12:28:27 CBS just showed a graphic describing Davidson. Two of the keywords: Sharpshooters and Overachievers. Naw, really? I didn't need a graphic to guess that one. I'm guessing there are at least four coaches' sons on this team.

12:33 Alright, another half-hook for Ian Johnson. This guy is amazing. I hate him already.

12:49 Davidson for three! Southern Conference action...it's fantastic!

1:18 Ah, goodie. CBS is showing the #2 seeds that have lost to #15 seeds. The bad thing about Davidson being "close" is that all neutral fans now become loud Davidson fans.

1:19 Davidson comes out smiling. The Buckeyes don't.

1:26 Stupid Ian Johnson hook shots. After today, kids on playgrounds all over the country are going to set the game back 60 years because they're all going to be out there shooting those ugly hook shots and saying, "I'm Ian Johnson!"

1:39:37 Dials just got a tough put back, but Davidson got down the court again and this time Ian Johnson trailed the play and hit a three. The kids on the playground convulse with glee.

1:44 Meanwhile, Davidson just got another fastbreak basket. I'm getting tired of these guys.

1:45:27 Ian Johnson with another ugly hook. The children on the playground proclaim, "I'm Ian Johnson", and then the flailing ensues.

1:46 Even Ian Johnson's mom cringes when he shoots that thing.
"Mom, are you watching?"
"No you're not! You're not watching!"

1:53 Davidson just completed a nice "Dummy Play", which is an inbounds pass that leads directly to a layup and makes the defense (OSU in this case) look like dummies for allowing it to happen.

1:54:40 Ian Johnson for three. He is the best player that I've ever seen. Bar none. Nobody can do what he does. And since he's tall, white and can hit threes, I think he's the next Larry Bird.

2:05:21 Ian Johnson just made an underhand baseline hooky-type thing. I think I'm gonna throw away all future paper wads and various items of garbage in a manner reminiscent of Ian Johnson's sweet hook shot.

2:07 Oh, what a surprise. Davidson has a coach's son at the free throw line. I'll go out on a limb and say he makes both of these.

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