Friday, March 17, 2006

From the Hendersonville paper

All Cinderella needs is a chance
Jeremy Trantham
On the Sidelines

Other patrons cast odd looks at us. I doubt any pair in Boston has screamed as loudly at a Southern Conference Championship game (2002) on television before or since.

Every Peter Anderer 3-pointer -- all six of them, five in the second half -- had us high-fiving and ordering another round.

Even odder looks and maybe a couple of curse words greeted my roommate Paul and I as we exited that bar in March of 2002. In fairness, I would have cast an odd look at two spring breakers running -- skipping really -- through the Boston Common proclaiming to anyone within earshot that our school, tiny Davidson College, was in the Big Dance.

This first weekend of the tourney ought to be a national holiday. It's a chance for schools like Davidson -- all of roughly 1,600 students -- to shine against first-round opponents like Ohio State -- all of roughly 50,000 students.

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