Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Excellent article in USA Today

Upstarting five takes court

By Erik Brady and Andy Gardiner, USA TODAY

The Final Four and its power teams come later. Now it's the little big men who lace up high-top glass slippers, yearning to spin a basketball game into a fairy tale. They are, in some cases, exotically nicknamed stars from schools better known if their names ended before the hyphen. This is their time, the first round of the NCAA tournament, belonging as much to Davidson as to Duke.

"A lot of guys at the big schools might take the tournament for granted," Davidson guard Brendan Winters says. "But for the midmajors and smaller, this is the biggest deal around. This puts us in the same sentence with the elite teams." Davidson is David. Ohio State is Goliath. They meet Friday.

(Photo from USA Today, by Grant Halverson, AP.)

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