Monday, March 13, 2006

OSU's rallying cry: "Remember 1964"

Over at O-Zone's message board/forum, they have resorted to a rallying cry. Here's a composite of the the posts:

"It has been 42 years, but the pain lingers. Buckeyes, open up a can of whoop-a**. REMEMBER 1964"

"what happened in 1964 "

"Davidson laid a whoopin' on OSU in St. John Arena. Payback time."

"I've been waitin since my daddy was 5 for this payback!"

"I hope OSU blows Davidson out. We owe those bastards. Remember '64."

Editorial Note: I think it's great that they can joke about us. Hopefully the team will look past us as well. That's when Brendan comes in to hang 35 points on them and we pull an upset!!

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