Monday, March 27, 2006

Winters a Finalist for the Chip Hilton Award

Davidson senior guard Brendan Winters is one of five finalists nationally for the Chip Hilton Award, given annually to a graduating senior who demonstrates personal character on and off the court similar to that modeled by Coach Blai Bee’s fictional hero, Chip Hilton. The award will be presented at the Final Four in Indianapolis.

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First of all, it's in no way related to Paris Hilton....which is a good thing (sorry, couldn't resist).

Here's the scoop:

The Basketball Hall of Fame and Chip Hilton Sports began presenting the awards in 1997 as a way to honor outstanding excellence and character in college basketball during the past season. The Chip Hilton Player of the Year award honors a senior Division I men's player for demonstrating outstanding character, leadership, and talent, similar to the qualities evident in the 24-book Chip Hilton sports fiction series. The books authored by Clair Bee, enjoyed their first popularity in the 40's, 50's and 60's and were re-released to a new generation of readers in 1999.

Bee, the late Long Island University coach and Hall of Famer, compiled an .826 lifetime winning percentage, still the best in major-college coaching history. By the time he left coaching in the 50's, he had already begun writing the Chip Hilton series, which are considered the top sports fiction series ever written. His innovation and influence on the game also extended to strategies (1-3-1 zone defense), rules (lane), sports camps (Kutsher's sports camp), and coaching clinics around the world.

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