Thursday, June 29, 2006

Article about Mid-Majors

Mid-Majors: Don't Change The Name

There has been a lot of talk recently of doing away with the title of “mid-major.” These comments are spawning from the recent success of mid-major programs across America....

These mid-major programs are now kicking at the heels of the major programs for a few reasons.....

....mid-major teams don’t have players leaving early and, conversely, have more seniors and more unity than a major program that has a quicker rotation and influx of players. One such team in 2006 was the Davidson Wildcats who won the Southern Conference to get a bid in the Big Dance. Davidson had seven seniors on its roster and all seven were key contributors. I asked a member of that team, Brendan Winters, a 2005 Honorable Mention All-American, what he thought. Winters carries a similar belief, “Individually, the ‘major’ players will always be more talented, but as a team, I think the mid-majors will always have better chemistry in general because they are able to build up over four years.” Combine these two factors along with a great pool of players in America and abroad and the results are sure to follow.

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