Saturday, July 01, 2006

College of Charleston coaching saga

First, Herrion's fired as head coach at C of C.

Then Gregg Marshall is hired away from Winthrop.

Then Gregg Marshall quits C of C to go back to Winthrop, saying he just couldn't leave Winthrop. This is known in the Palmetto State as "pulling a Cremins" (remember Bobby Cremins did the same thing to the Gamecocks in 1993, taking the USC job, then backing out and returning to Ga Tech the next day).

Two additional candiates are in the running for the C of C job: Buzz Peterson and, ironically, BOBBY CREMINS????. Bobby interviewed on Friday.

Buzz Peterson withdraws his name from consideration, leaving Bobby Cremins as the only candidate.

How's that for irony? Cremins apparently gets back into coaching when another coach "pulls a Cremins".

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