Thursday, June 29, 2006

Brendan undrafted...not a surprise

I figured it was wishful thinking, and I was right. Brendan did not get drafted. In fact, in glancing at the list of draftees, I don't recall seeing anybody from the Southern Conference that was drafted. This is hardly unexpected.

Perhaps he will go to Europe, or maybe get some type of free-agent contract with an NBA team and play in the NBDL? Brandon Williams didn't get drafted after he graduated, but did eventually get some time in the NBA with free-agent contracts here and there (even got a championship ring with San Antonio, if I'm not mistaken.) Even if nothing pans out with pro ball, Brendan can certainly be proud of what he has accomplished. Also, being a Davidson grad, he shouldn't have any worries about "life after basketball" (whenever that may be).

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