Friday, March 10, 2006

Davidson Trivia

Who did Davidson play in the first men's basketball game at Belk Arena? (I think I know, but I'm not 100% sure.)

Thanks to Pete Wagner ('92) for giving me this idea.

Answer - UVA, when Terry Holland was coaching at UVA
Jay Schmitt got the correct answer (go figure....Jay played in the darn game).
Some other anonymous viewer actually was first, but didn't leave a name.

QUESTION FOR JAY SCHMITT: What kind of crowd did they have at that game?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I believe it is Harvard.

Chuck Berwick

Anonymous said...


I played in the game.

Jay Schmitt

pwags said...

it was packed. i went out before sunrise with some buddies to get tickets, and the commemorative one i have here shows that i still wound up in upper level section 110, row f, seat 13! believe me, it was a full house.
--peter '92

wild said...

It was pretty full, but less than 5,000 I would say. I still have the plastic encased ticket that I believe has a picture of Brentwood TN Jay Schmitt on the front.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't quite packed, but it was quite crowded.

Did you know that Terry Holland's wife Anne was once coach of the womens' team? (little factoid I learned from Emil Parker)

wild said...

Yep...and whether it is an urban legend or not someone once told me once that a woman's game was running too long(played prior to men's action then), so Holland(Terry) had the game stopped.

Johnston Gym said...

I still have my ticket encased in plastic as well - Sec 106, Row K, seat 9.

Anonymous said...

It was almost full for the UVA game....but there were some seats up in the top bleachers from what I remember.

The biggest crowd that year in Belk Arena was when we played Duke. I don't think there was an empty seat. The problem was that about 3500 of the 5000 were Duke fans. The noise was incredible.

I got a couple of the plastic encased tickets and gave them to family. Without fail, when anyone is over at the house and sees it, they comment on how short those shorts were back in the 80's.

Belk is a fantastic place, but you can't beat Johnston Gym. When the crowd was right there on top of the floor. What a home court advantage...except when the Wildcat mascot breaks a leg when swinging off the balcony.

-Jay Schmitt

WB said...

I went to that Duke game. I was a senior in high school and had been accepted early to Davidson. Detlef Musch was a freshman, and had to play against Duke's center, Ala Abdelnabi (I'm sure I messed that up). It was a pretty tough game, as I recall....about a 50 point loss, if I remember correctly.

pwags said...

there's one i bet you didn't know, wells... at the final game at johnston gym, the wildcat mascot tried swinging down a rope from the balcony and onto the floor, but fell and broke a leg. another trivia question for you: which player actually DUNKED home the final davidson basket in johnston gym? got that answer for you in a separate email.

wild said...

I was at the final game, Central Florida I believe...Bruce Elder dunk? Or was it the stiff Bill Sellers?