Friday, December 22, 2006

Wildcats beat Arizona State, and I have a headache

After being up by 20 points with 8 minutes left, the Wildcats let the lead get to as little as 3 points....but still held on to beat Arizona State, 75-70. I listened to the game on XM Radio (the Arizona State broadcast) since I was driving to my in-laws' house. As the lead dwindled, I about had a wreck due to going into cardiac arrest as I heard the game slipping away. Thank goodness the Wildcats won. However, after the stress from the end of the game, I have a massive headache.

All that travel and playing games so close together has got to be good training for tournament time. And, yes, I wish the lead had not slipped like that. However.....we must remember that winning games when things aren't going your way is the sign of a good team.

Good win. Bring home the trophy, guys! Tournament Champions!

From Davidson official website:
Wildcats Hold Off Arizona State 75-70 to Claim ASU Sleep America Title

PS: Jason Richards was out of his mind today, scoring 25 points!
I will admit that I have been a bit of a Jason Richards detractor in the prior two years. However, his performance this year has convinced me that he has matured as a player and turned the corner. I have total and complete confidence in his floor leadership. Great job, Jason! Keep leading this team just like you have been!

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