Monday, December 04, 2006

C of C fans: Davidson isn't dead yet

Thanks to Stan for this link to the C of C message board:
Davidson: Not Dead Yet

The C of C message board has an interesting and very complimentary thread about Davidson's team this year. The basic theme is that, despite graduating 7 seniors, Davidson is still Davidson and is dangerous. It's good to know that we are still commanding respect.

A few quotes:
"Davidson is still 'Davidson' despite having lost so many to graduation last year."

"Last spring a fan from one of the Southern Conference schools predicted that Davidson would finish 9th in the overall league standings. Silly."

"I said when Dav was predicted 4th that prediction was amusing. As long as Mckillop is their coach never count them out of contention."

"The point here is, even if Davidson actually is 'down', it's still Davidson, with a great coach and a good tradition. Nothing they do surprises me."

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