Saturday, December 23, 2006

A few comments from ASU message board

Here are a few quotes from their message board about the game:

•"loss to davidson? ouch, i had hoped our team was past losing to these no name teams. pol 4 for 17 from the field. thats not good. hopefully they can rebound and go into pac play with a little swagger. I saw davidson shot 53% from 3-point range"

•"I can remember in some years past when Davidson had a solid team. Haven't heard much about them this year. I am still suprised that they beat ASU though."

•"I was at the game. Davidson is a solid mid-major. They are 11-3. They could win their conference. We went through a spell in the second half where we were not covering the perimeter very well and everything they threw up went in. "

•"sounds like davidson might also (make it to the NCAA tournament)."

And last but not least, my favorite statement, because it is so true of Davidson:
•"With many of these mid-majors, we (ASU) have superior athletes but they (Davidson) have superior basketball players."

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