Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Observer article about Brendan McKillop, Coach McKillop's son

McKillop makes transition to point guard, team leader
Special Correspondent

After three years, Charlotte Catholic senior Brendan McKillop finally gets the point.

The basketball gym rat, also the son of Davidson coach Bob McKillop, has been around the sport his entire life, practically playing since he was old enough to walk.

However, while growing up, the younger McKillop played primarily off the ball because of his outstanding shooting ability.

But, as a sophomore, Catholic coach Bob Moran moved McKillop from shooting guard to point guard.

The coach made the move because he felt it would help McKillop progress as a player.

The transition, McKillop said, was a natural one, and he's now one of Mecklenburg County's top lead guards, running the Cougars offense with aplomb while averaging 24 points and a bevy of assists.

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