Sunday, December 31, 2006

Show about Davidson to be on UNC-TV on January 4th at 8:00 p.m.

I found this on the "Bookwatch Blog":


On Thursday, January 4, at 8 PM and again on Tuesday, January 16, at 10:30 PM, thanks to UNC-TV’s popular Our State program, I will get to visit my hometown, Davidson, near Charlotte. I hope you will tune in and visit Davidson with me. In the meantime here is the article on Davidson that I wrote for Our State magazine. The article is the basis for the program that I hope you will watch.

Thanks & Happy Holidays!


Going Back Home:
A Quick Visit to Davidson and Its College

Passing the shores of Lake Norman as I drive along I-77 towards Charlotte, which is about 20 miles away, I see the sign. “Exit 30-Davidson College.”

Most North Carolinians have heard of Davidson College. Many others know about its beautiful campus and the charming college town that it adjoins. But every day thousands of these people pass by this road sign and give no thought to taking a quick look at the college and the town. Not me. Davidson is in my blood. Every time I get a chance, I have to take this short detour. Why don’t you come with me? Give me an hour and I will give you a quick tour, tell you a few stories, and then send you on your way.

Click here to read this good and lengthy article about Davidson.

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