Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A few Davidson encounters at Disney

While at Disney for the past 5 days, I had a few Davidson-related encounters.

First, I wore a Davidson t-shirt one day. While getting my backpack searched to enter the Magic Kingdom, the security guy, who was incidentally from Wisconsin, saw my shirt and remarked, "Davidson...you have some good basketball there, don't you?" I answered in the affirmative. He responded, "You still have that coach, right?" I said, "Yes, Bob McKillop...he's a great coach." He responded, "I'm surprised that guy hasn't been lured away to a bigger school." (His intent in his comment was to compliment McKillop's coaching prowess.) So, the word about Davidson hoops is starting to spread even more than it already has.

Second, the same day I had on the Davidson t-shirt, I heard somebody yell "Go Wildcats!!". I looked up and saw a girl say "Davidson!". I asked her if she went to Davidson, and she said yes. Unfortunately, I was not able to talk with her, as parental duties prevented me from stopping. I will say that she was with a guy in an NC State Cross Country shirt.....but I guess we can let that slide. (LOL!)

Lastly, on the same day I was wearing the t-shirt, I was in a restaurant in the MGM park. One of the staff said "Go Flyers" while looking at me. I looked back at him a bit puzzled. He said "Davidson...the Flyers, right?" I said, "Uhhh, no. That would be the Dayton Flyers. Davidson and Dayton are two different schools." How many times has something like that happened to you? (Typical response to where I went to school: Davidson....where's Davidson?)


C. Daniel said...

this is completely unrelated, but Steph has a front page article on the ESPN College ball front page. If you hurry you can get there, take a screen shot, and post it up here. If not, I took a screen shot myself. I'll be happy to email it to you...

WB said...

Please send the screen shot to me:


I was at a funeral yesterday and missed all of this.