Monday, February 20, 2006

Mid-Major related NIT news

Let it be clear that I am not endorsing the position that we hope for just an NIT bid. I am simply posting this as a general point of interest for the SoCon. Don't get me wrong; last year was great. However, we are all obviously hoping for the NCAA tourney this year, just like everybody else.

NIT Selection Committee Meets; Excitement Builds for New Postseason Process
Regular Season Conference Champions Guaranteed of Postseason Berth
For Immediate Release
Thursday, February 16, 2006

NEW YORK --- The National Invitation Tournament will now guarantee regular-season conference champions a berth in the postseason, assuring quality and integrity in the selection process.

The NIT Selection Committee conducted its inaugural meeting in Atlanta in late January and ratified initial selection procedures that will be used in conjunction with this year’s postseason event.

Click here for entire article.

Click here for PDF document entitled "National Invitation Tournament (NIT) Principles and Procedures for Establishing the Bracket"

Here's a link to the discussion thread on on this topic.

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