Sunday, February 19, 2006

Davidson guaranteed Bye; currently in position for #1 seed (I think)

Wildcats guaranteed 1st round BYE in SoCon Tourney

Tied for 1st overall seed (not sure, but don't we have the tie-breaker with wins over Elon & GSU?)
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Here are the standings as of Sunday night:

1 Davidson 9-4**
2 & 3 Elon 9-4*, Georgia Southern 9-4*
4 Charleston 8-5
5 Furman 7-6
6 & 7 Chattanooga 6-6*, Western Carolina 6-6*
8 Wofford 6-7
9 Appalachian State 5-7
10 North Carolina Greensboro 4-7
11 Citadel 0-13

*not sure about tie-breakers on these teams
**Davidson currently has tie-breaker with Elon & GSU, I think
(1 head-to-head game left with GSU, however, on Tuesday night....then C of C)


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Anonymous said...

If we defeat GSU tomorrow, we win the South Division (at least a share). Two wins and we win the league and get (at worst) an NIT bid. Due to the screwy 11 team league this year, the North teams play one less game than the South teams. Therefore, if we split, Elon probably gets the #1 seed and we would be 2 or 3, depending on which game we lose.

WB said...

That's good info. Thanks!

I'd prefer a sweep of these last two, as we all would.