Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can Civi interview from

Google is AMAZING. Here's an interview with Can Civi from


Can Civi of Davidson College - Feb 11, 2006

After competing at all levels of Efes Pilsen for seven years, playing for Darussafaka in his last year, and also serving for the Turkish Cadets National Team that have made to the finals of European Championships in 2003, Can Civi (186-G-87) has decided to improve his basketball skills and continue his education in USA. At Davidson College, one of the top liberal arts colleges of the nation, he is trying to earn the same respect Ali Ton (183-G-77, college: Davidson) has received there almost a decade ago. Here is what Can has to say about his first year experience on and off the court...

What were the reasons for going to the States first of all?
I believe USA is the best place for education and basketball. I can play basketball at a high level, and have education at the same time. And also, there are so many opportunities in the U.S. for a successful future. Basically, that's why I decided to continue my basketball and academic career in the U.S.

How would you describe Davidson College, the basketball team and the conference?
Davidson College is a liberal arts college. It’s ranked seventh in the nation academically. It’s incredible how we can have a good basketball program with such a demanding academic lifestyle. Last year, we were one of two teams in the nation to go undefeated in conference games. We play in Southern Conference, currently hold a 7-3 record. In our conference, all the teams have potential to beat each other. Davidson is well respected in the conference and considered to be the best basketball program. Other than conference games, we have a tough non-conference schedule, competing against teams like Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse and Missouri.


The interview is pretty long. It's pretty sad that Davidson gets more ink on than in The Charlotte Observer.

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