Friday, February 24, 2006

Big Game: Charleston @ Davidson

12:00 noon

TV Coverage: ESPN2

Will Bryan's preview of the game: click here

Link to a C of C related blog: click here
Here's a quote from his post about this game:

...even with the bye for next week, we still need a stong showing on Saturday at Davidson. As it stands the College of Charleston is 17-9, 9-5 in the SoCon. One more win would make us the 2nd Seed team in the SoCon Tournament. There is still a chance we could end up 4th seeds, but that is the worst-case-scenario.

SoCon Tournament is next week March 2nd through the 5th at the North Charleston Coliseum. The Cougars have a 26-5 (.839) all-time record at the North Charleston
Coliseum. Expect the College of Charleston to win the SoCon Tournament this year and go on to their first trip to the Big Dance since 1999.

From Davidson website:
Last Chance to Earn Top Seed at Men's SoCon Tournament

Link to C of C website: click here

Game Notes:
From Davidson website
From C of C website

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Brad said...

Nostradamus couldn't have said it better. The CofC Guy (Bushido) is a genius.

JET said...

I guess I have to start watching what I say on the Bushido. (I don't want your team getting all fired up over a few motivating remarks.) I'll post a link to your site this evening when I post the SoCon bracket. Good luck to you guys in the Tourney-you'll need it.

JET said...

Touche Wells, let the battle begin!

Trabert said...

If the Cougs get past UT-C and Ga-So, then they will send you all home without the big win. Nice gravy roll of the dice you all received.
Give Trabert a ration, he's thick skinned and can take it.

Anonymous said...

Leave Wells alone, he seems really nice and what you did Jim Trabert was not called for.

WB said...

Trabert seems like a good guy. I can appreciate a little good-natured ribbing. We'll keep the fun going this week until we know who wins!