Saturday, February 11, 2006

What did I tell you about the Wofford game?

Let me quote from one of my pre-game preview posts, if you don't mind:

"I'm not sure why, but we often seem to have a hard time against the Terriers in Spartanburg. Remember how we used to always play tough against Wake Forest? That's how Wofford seems to play against us. We almost always get their best. Somebody on their team goes nuts from 3-point range when least expected, or we just come out flat. Expect the game to be tough, regardless of what type of season Wofford is having."

Well, Wofford went 8 for 12 from three point range in the second half, and shot 62% from the field in the second half.

What did I tell you? It happens almost every year when we play in Spartanburg. I have just come to expect Wofford, for whatever reason, to step up their game when we come to town.

We beat Wofford at Davidson by 18. Furman beat Wofford in Spartanburg by 30+ points. Go figure.

For the record, the score (84-71)is not indicative of the closeness of the game...but that's essentially irrelevant. An "L" is an "L". Anyway, losing road games to supposedly inferior teams is frustrating.

(More extensive coverage of the game to come. I was there and took a bunch of pictures.)

An intense Bob McKillop rips into somebody in the huddle.

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