Monday, February 13, 2006

SoCon Tourney seeds, if season ended tonight

Here are the overall standings for the conference as they stand after tonight's games:

1 & 2 Elon 8-3*, Georgia Southern 8-3*
3 Davidson 7-4**
4 Charleston 7-4
5 & 6 Chattanooga 6-5*, Furman 6-5*
7 Western Carolina 5-5
8 Wofford 5-6
9 & 10 North Carolina Greensboro 4-7*, Appalachian State 4-7*
11 Citadel 0-11

*not sure about tie-breakers on these teams
**Davidson has tie-breaker over C 0f C right now, I believe
NOTE: Top 5 teams get a bye, if I'm not mistaken

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i wonder if anyone else understands how embarrassing it is that we can;t win this crappy conference. 3 seed??? What happened to touting ourselves as the second best basketball team in North Carolina? What about the "we deserve a bid no matter what happens in our tournament."

This is probably the most disappointing season in DC basketball history.