Monday, February 13, 2006

Game tonight at The Citadel, 7:15 p.m.

Game Notes:
From the Davidson website: click here
From The Citadel website - not available

Heres a link
to The Citadel basketball website

From The Citadel website:
Bulldogs Entertain Davidson at McAlister Field House


The Citadel is 1-14 over its past 15 games. They are coming off a 96-68 beat-down from Georgia Southern on Saturday. They are not a good team, no matter how you slice it. (Nothing personal, Citadel fans...the facts are the facts.)

Now, it goes without saying that this is a must-win. We have to keep pace with Georgia Southern for the top spot in our division. We are currently 1 game behind GSU (8-3), and also tied with College of Charleston (7-4).


Johnston Gym said...

JMo is definitely the man. Great game - really glad the injury from Saturday wasn't serious.

Thanks for all your work on this site. I check it regularly, and really appreciate the obvious effort.

WB said...

Thanks, johnston. It's fun keeping up with all of this.

johnston gym said...

Listening to post game. Interesting to hear that TI and the bulldog had a run in a couple of years ago.

WB said...

I missed that. What happened?