Monday, February 20, 2006

The Fashion Power Index

Here's a little light-hearted post to keep you smiling after the Wildcats beat up on Furman.

This is the last Head Coach Fashion Power Index from

By Angela Lento
March 14, 2005

1. Rick Pitino (Louisville)
2. Willis Wilson (Rice)
3. Neil Dougherty (TCU)
4. Gary Waters (Rutgers)
5. Bruiser Flint (Drexel)
6. Bob McKillop (Davidson): He carries himself with a Presidential appeal. One of the absolute classic dressers and classy men in the game.
7. Johnny Jones (North Texas)
8. Jay Wright (Villanova)
9. John Calipari (Memphis)
10. Roy Williams (North Carolina)

Click here to link to last year's Runway to the Fashionable Four. McKillop lost out in the 2nd round to Roy Williams. However, McKillop is a perennial favorite in this competition, so expect a strong performace in 2006.

McKillop made a very strong showing in 2002, advancing to the Fashionable Four. Note McKillop's name just below Atlanta in this graphic below:

Click here to link to the voting page. Go vote for McKillop!!

(Yes, it's silly; but it's fun...and why not?)

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