Sunday, February 12, 2006

Halftime "entertainment"

Why do we get tortured at halftime with having to watch a bunch of out of shape, fat, old men run around the court playing some horrible, hardly recognizable version of basketball for 10 minutes? Honestly, they weren't much better than the groups of 6 year-old kids that play at halftime at some games.

Also, why in the world did both teams wear the exact same colored shirts? Duh. Wouldn't you think someone in that group would grow a brain and say "Hey, why doesn't each team wear a different color so we can tell the teams apart?" Seriously, look at the pictures. Two teams, ten men and ten white shirts with dark shorts. Are they playing 5 on 5 or are they playing 10 on 0? Geniuses.

(Man, I'm feeling a little irritable tonight after that game.)

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