Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What they are saying about McKillop and Davidson in Charleston tonight

These are a few comments about Davidson and McKillop on the College of Charleston message board......very complimentary. It's good to know that others recongnize what McKillop is doing (and has been for 17 years) and that he is going about it the right way.

From a C of C fan:
"sometimes it all comes down to coaching and y'all have one of the best -if not the best- in the conference"

Response from a DC fan (not a grad, but apparently a Davidson resident):
"I agree. I would not trade Bob for any coach in the conference, not even close. We worry every year that he will leave. But if you drive through Davidson, and see Bob's and Kathy's beautiful white frame house across from campus, and see how he interacts with our community support, we keep alive this notion that he will stay. Admittedly,we know he could coach anywhere, and he could leave any week. But he really is an honorable person who I am pleased to support. (For what it's worth, I am not a Davidson grad, but a Davidson resident, and I support DC basketball because of the quality of the people on the team and in the program.) I suspect Bob's program infuriates every fan and coach in the SoCon. But he has done it honorably, with the most difficult admissions standards in the SoCon."

Response to DC fan from same C of C fan:
"I hold no grudge against DC or Bob Mckillop. Both are class acts and great competitors and credit to Davidson NC. Before our present sideline sideshow, we had a pretty classy thing going on here in Charleston as well. I hate losing to anyone but, can stomach a loss to you guys because I know ya'll are doing it the right way."

Response to DC fan from another C of C fan:
"Davidson's program is probably admired by most Cougar fans. Can not speak for all, but the ones I know have the utmost respect for McKillop and the school (Davidson)."
(emphasis added to these quotes)

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