Sunday, January 29, 2006

Princeton game tonight at 7 p.m.

Davidson should win this game. Princeton (3-11) is not having a good year. As you may already know, Princeton lost a home game to Carnegie Mellon, a division III school, earlier this year. Davidson just needs to stay focused on this game and play solid defense. If they do that, they should pull this one out without too much trouble. A loss for Davidson in this game would be very disappointing. With that said, I feel pretty certain that the Wildcats will post a "W" tonight, winning by at least 12 points.

Official Princeton Basketball website: click here

Preview from Princeton website:
Back in Black (and Orange): Tigers Visit Davidson in Return From Exam Break

Preview from The Daily Princetonian newspaper: Men's basketball back in action on Sunday

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Game Preview here.

From Princeton website
From Davidson website

Here's an interesting article about how far Princeton Basketball has fallen in the past few years: Princeton Basketball: Great Scott?

Another article about surprisingly bad teams in 2005-06: College Basketball Surprises


Here are a few pictures of the Princeton campus. It's beautiful, isn't it? The last picture reminds me a little of the grassy area in front of Chambers at Davidson.


They let her speak at Princeton? We really have to beat these guys now. (Oh, relax, people. It's all in good fun. Learn to laugh a little.)

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