Thursday, January 19, 2006

Next up: Home Game vs. Georgia Southern, Saturday at 2 pm

TV Coverage: Fox Sports South (FSN) @ 2:00 p.m.

I had planned to attend the game with my son, but it appears that I will have to settle for watching it on TV. I am coming down with the flu, darnit!

Game Notes: from Davidson website

Game Notes: from GSU website (unavailable)
- you have to be a subscriber to get the game notes from them. What a crock. (GSU message board link here)

Article from Davidson website:
Wildcats Aiming for 17th Straight Victory in Belk Arena

Incidentally, there will be no posts of articles from the Statesboro Herald, since you also have to be a subscriber to access the articles. I quote from their site: "This is only a free sampling of the news you get in the Statesboro Herald. Get it all in print or online with your paid subscription!" That is ridiculous! You'd think that paper would like a little exposure, wouldn't you?

OK, same problem with the Savannah Morning News as well as the Augusta Chronicle. Feel free to register if you like. I refuse to do so.

Radio Coverage:

Davidson network

WFNA, 1660 AM
WHIP, 1350 AM

Ga Southern network:

WMCD, 107.3 FM, Statesboro, Ga.
WZBX, 106.5 FM, Sylvania, Ga.

Davidson Trivia Time: Can you name the Davidson player in the picture below? The first correct answer gets a "well done" from me. (I am about 99% sure I know the answer.)

Update: And we have a winner.....Username "Johnston Gym" had the correct answer, Mark Donnelly.

Mark was a few years behind me at Davdison. I never had the opportunity go know him. He was a great shooter and an All-Southern Conference performer. He is also 5th on Davdison's all-time "3 pointers made" list.

Here's the list:

Three-Point Leaders
1. Brendan Winters ’06 240
2. Matt McKillop ’06 197
3. Pete Anderer ’03 190
4. Jason Zimmerman ’94 184
5. Mark Donnelly ’98 177
6. Derek Rucker ’88 154
7. Wayne Bernard ’03 143
8. Janko Narat ’94 136
9. Brandon Williams ’96 131
10. Davor Halbauer ’00 128

Janko Narat was a friend of mine/hall mate/classmate (94) on 2nd West Belk our freshman year. He had a smooth shot. Brandon Williams is probably the most athletic player I have ever seen at Davidson; he could jump out of the gym (I never saw Derek Rucker play, so I can't comment on him; I hear he was pretty darn good). Brandon Williams did kick around the NBA off and on until recently.


Johnston Gym said...

Just a guess - Mark Donnelly?

Great blog. Thanks for doing this, and for taking the time to do such a good job.

WB said...

You guessed it. As promised, "GOOD JOB!".

GoCats said...

Mark Donnelly is correct. Unbelievable job with the site!!! Thanks, WB

Johnston Gym said...

Luck guess. The ONLY way I guessed correctly was because the background was the Greensboro Coliseum - which meant the SC tourney, and narrowed down the years considerably.

Again, I'm really impressed and appreciate the blog. I now have it bookmarked and will check regularly.

Look forward to the game tomorrow!

WB said...

I am impressed that you recognized the Greensboro Coliseum. I had thought about giving that as part "B" of the trivia question (name the location of this game).

wild said...

You can also tell it is his Sr yr, '98, 'cause of the style of the jersey. DC also played GSU in the tourney(in Greensboro) his Soph year...