Thursday, January 12, 2006

Non-conference schedule 2005-2006

The non-conference schedule is pretty brutal, once again. The big-name oppenents are Duke, North Carolina, UMass, Missouri, St. Joe's, UNCC (of course), Syracuse and Princeton. I wonder if any other mid-major teams can say they have 3 of the last 5 defending national champions on their schedule [UNC (2005), Syracuse (2003), Duke (2001)]? I doubt it. Throw last year's season ending NIT game against Maryland into the mix and that's 4 of the last 5 NCAA champions [Maryland (2002)].

McKillop is taking the attitude that he will play anybody anywhere.....and I like that.

The word on the street is that Jim Calhoun from UConn (2004 champions) was afraid to schedule Davidson, or it would have been a perfect 5 out of 5. OK, maybe that part about Calhoun isn't true, but it could be!

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