Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Up Next: HUGE Game against Elon (at Davidson)

Elon is 6-0 in the conference and has a victory over Clemson on their list of accomplishments for this year (granted, Clemson is a perennial ACC doormat, but it's an ACC team, nonetheless.....plus, Clemson is not all that bad this year). Elon also just beat Furman (at Elon) while we were losing to UTC. This will be a test for both teams.

I must say that, with all due respect to Elon, I never would have thought that this game would have been so important for Davidson this year. They are a surprise, as far as I'm concerned. I don't say that in a taunting way, but in a complimentary way. They are having a great year so far and are to be congratulated for it. Now, with all that said, the outcome of this game will certainly tell us whether or not Elon is "for real". Even if Davidson wins, Elon can prove its legitimacy by playing a close, tough game.

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