Monday, January 16, 2006

Davidson Wildcat Message Board & Radio Show
Discuss Davidson College Athletics

An All-Davidson message board was just brought to my attention. It's great to see a real Davidson message board, instead of those generic ones that, etc. have (nobody ever posts anything on those generic message boards, at least not the Davidson ones).

Please click over to and let your thoughts about Davidson athletics be known! (As always, please use good judgment with your posts. As Davidsonians, we like to hold ourselves to a little higher standard, don't we?)
WALT - Davidson Sports Network Radio Show
with Will Bryan and Blake Poole
Also, here's a link to the WALT Davidson Sports Network radio show. The programs are downloadable in mp3 format, or you can just listen over the internet. The show highlights Davdison athletics of all types. The hosts are two Davidson students, Will Bryan and Blake Poole.

FYI: I will have a permanent link for both of these below on the right under "Related Links".
Here's a link to a good article in the Chattanooga paper about Davidson basketball. It has been posted on the Davidson message board.

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