Monday, November 05, 2007

Contest: Create a caption for this picture. Post yours in the comments.

Photo credit: John Singler, communications director for Body Worlds
Here's my attempt:
Unknown Davidson freshman receives gameball in Texas scrimmage.
We're not yet sure who he is (pictured above). However, Coach McKillop refers to the player as a "very raw" talent.
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Anonymous said...

Davidson College Basketbal - 'Lean & Mean'

Anonymous said...

Where is Carlton S.? World class traveler, professional vacationing photo freak (with his own very 1990's mag empire), and world's greatest lover, Carlton would leave his California woods to scale the highest peaks of Peru in search of adventure ( and recreation of all kinds). China was par for his cutting-edge course. Where is he? This corpse bears a spooky resemblance to him. Big, athletic, ego-clasmic, cultured, rich, and over-assured enough to venture out --sans US or any government. Did he end up in a chinese prison? He can no longer be found on the web and his mag has a new editor. He loved basketball.. had the right build and ethic for it.