Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Western Michigan blog

Here's a link to a Western Michigan blog: The Bronco Insider.

They've got a preview up about the Davidson game. Check it out. They predict a 71-68 WMU win. They also think Brendan McKillop is averaging 11 points per game. Sooooo, they're apparently not too well informed yet. I'm sure they're nice folks, though.

At any rate, here's their breakdown of their Broncos:

"The Broncos are coming off 2 straight wins and a solid performance at Oregon that has everyone talking. In order for this team to make the type of waves they are looking for in the NCAA tournament and MAC tournament David Kool, Derek Drews, and Andre Ricks need to hit shots from the outside that will be open after double and triple teams hit Joe Reitz in the middle.Bronco Head Coach Steve Hawkins says this team has a ways to go on defense to be considered with the 2004 NCAA tournament team...Davidson is as good a time as any to show how much some of the younger players have grown.Work the inside out and run when available and the Broncos will have alot of good to talk about after the game."

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