Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random thoughts about tonight's game atmosphere

I thought the atmosphere at the game was unlike anything I've ever witnessed at a "home" Davidson event.

Even though there were more UNC fans than Davidson fans, the Davidson fans were out in large numbers, and were generally louder. There must have been half of the student body in attendance, and a TON of other people wearing red. The students were loud and proud the whole game, and that really helps make the atmosphere so good.

I've never seen Davidson fans turn out in such large numbers. You could probably get every single living Davidson student and alumnus, and they still wouldn't come close to filling Bobcat Arena. Therefore, having so many Davidson supporters at the game was amazing. There must not have been very many Davidson fans watching at home, since most living Davidson supporters were actually there!

I sat there as the first half unfolded, with Davidson in the lead over UNC, and thought to myself that this must have been what it was like back in the days of Lefty, when Davidson and UNC (among others) played each other in big games with national importance. That was a good feeling. What a big change from the first Davidson game I attended (blowout loss to Duke at Belk Arena in 1989/90). Oh, how Bob McKillop has changed things since then.

While I'm disappointed we lost (we really could/should have won), I left very hopeful for what this season could bring.

Davidson Basketball matters again, and the packed house (19,299 in attendance) proves it.

What a night.

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Anonymous said...

Back in the "good old days", when I was a Davidson student, last night was what the atmosphere at the old Charlotte colleseum was like -though it held "only" 11,666. At that time there were 1,000 MEN on campus. Winning stimulates interest. I couldn't be more proud of our team, coaching staff, and students. Go CATS!

Greg Johnson, '72